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Edenred Capital Partners leads €25m investment in Fretlink

We’re excited to announce our Series B investment in Fretlink, the digital freight forwarder disrupting the European road transport. With this Series B round, Fretlink plans to build a new standard for the organisation of road freight.

Fretlink connects shippers with a large network of local carriers in Europe and acts as a flow orchestrator by providing matching and pricing recommendations based on transportation data analysis, automating operational processes and enabling European shippers to secure, manage and optimize their transport plans. The aim is to help shippers improve the overall performance of their supply chain.

Founded in 2016 in Paris, Fretlink is a key player in the digitalisation of the European freight logistics. The team already works with some of the largest shippers (400+ regular shippers) in France and Europe while partnering with a large network of transportation companies (5000+ registered carriers). Today, the start-up is pioneering the digitisation of the road freight industry with a new data-driven standard of organization and collaboration.

This funding round will allow Fretlink to finance its international expansion by opening new offices in Germany, Belgium and Poland. A core objective has been to improve the services offering to carriers and the new partners will help create the best platform providing a range of benefits and services that will include the purchase of trucks, equipment and accessories at reduced prices and optimization of fuel cost management.

Paul Guillemin, founder and CEO at Fretlink: “With the launch of our service platform, our priority is to help European regional carriers develop and sustain their business, by giving them access to appropriate and lucrative routes, as well as a range of services under advantageous conditions. Models and practices are undergoing radical transformation and we have always been convinced that it is by collaborating with the sector's experts that we will manage to initiate change. We are delighted today to see Edenred Capital Partners join the Fretlink adventure to help build the road transport sector of the future."

Norbert Furnion, Managing Partner at Edenred Capital Partners: “We decided to invest in this new funding round because the team assembled by Paul Guillemin and Antoine Le Squeren has already delivered a lot in a short period of time and will further help their clients streamline the supply chain. The review of the operations have highlighted many synergies with Edenred which is already one of the world leader in professional Fleet & Mobility ."


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